About Me

My name is Aleksandra Veleno. I am an artist, restless explorer, curious traveler, occultist and a dreamer. This is my corner of the Internet to share with you my journey and my passion for living a magical life. I love discovering the mysteries of the human psyche, planning adventures and creating my own reality.

When I don’t create, I mostly walk and drink coffee.

Why Dark Curiosity?

I am interested in the obscure side of life and the road less traveled. There is a lot of exciting and unusual things that lie in the dark, waiting to be discovered by an audacious explorer. I believe in the incorporation of the shadow and coming to terms with a dark side of life and ourselves.

Curiosity is an unexplainable drive that pushes out to do things without the expectation of the outcome. It takes us on an exciting journey that can start today.

Everything is interesting and can be used to create our own magical landscape.

I believe in the importance of awareness and responsibility of your own life, where you are the highest Magician. Where you can create and become whatever you decide upon.

The purpose of this space is to cultivate curiosity, creativity and imagination.

I want to share with you my journey, help and inspire you to live a life full of wonder.

Life is an adventure, it’s a hero journey. What story will you write?